August 2 nd 2021: We celebrate the end of summer and a successful move with a lab lunch get together-Thank you Jada, Max, Dheer, Alex, Julian and Ben for all your hard work!

July 28 th 2021: Mathew Lab moved to the 6th floor of the Brehm Research tower of the Kellogg Eye Center. We thank Nancy, Biaoxin, and the medical school coordinators for making this move as painless as possible!

Jun 21: Mathew Lab welcomes Alexander George - Oakland University William Beaumont (OUWB) School of Medicine student '24 as part of the The University of Michigan Kidney Translational Core Center Medical Student Training Program in Kidney Disease (MKTCC-MSTP-KD).

Jun 21: Mathew Lab welcomes Jada Lee as part of the NIH-NIDDK-STEP-UP program

Jun 21: Mathew Lab welcomes Dheer Patel- Michigan Class of 22

Jun 21: Dr. Mathew receives the University of Michigan Geriatric and Palliative Care Medicine -Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core (PESC) grant

May 5 - 7 th: Trista Benitez presents 'Tryptophan Metabolites Associate With Subclinical And Incident Cardiovascular Disease In Chronic Kidney Disease' at the Internal Medicine Research Symposium.

Jan 21: Mathew Lab welcomes Max Keller- Michigan Class of 22


Dec 2020: Trista Benitez, M2 , University of Michigan Medical school presents our work ' Kynurenine Metabolites not Indole Metabolites Predict Incident Cardiovascular Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease' at the Annual George O'Brien Michigan Kidney Translational Center Symposium 2020.

Trista Benitez1, Elizabeth VanDerWoude2, Yun Han3, Jaeman Byun3, Vetalise Cheofor3, Brenda Gillespie4, Rajiv Saran3, and Anna V Mathew3

Nov 2020: Our paper "Mathew AV, Zeng L, Atkins KB, Sadri K, Fujiwara H, Byun J, Reddy P, Pennathur S. Deletion of bone marrow myeloperoxidase attenuates chronic kidney disease accelerated atherosclerosis" is accepted by The Journal of biological chemistry.

Dr. Mathew is named as Elizabeth Weiser Caswell Diabetes Institute -Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Center of Excellence Research Scholar.

Oct 2020: Our review "Critical role for AMPK in metabolic disease-induced chronic kidney disease"

Authors: Florian Juszczak*, Nathalie Caron, Anna V. Mathew, Anne-Emilie Declèves is accepted to

Oct 2020: EPoster: PO2131 — 2020 American Society of Nephrology, Kidney Week 2020

Altered Tryptophan Catabolism via the Kynurenine Pathway Associates with CKD-Accelerated Atherosclerosis: Cheofor VK; Roeser N; Zeng L; Byun J; Mathew AV

Oct 2020: The Mathew Lab welcomes Julian Meza '23 and Skyelar Herriman '24 to our team as part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.

Sept 2020: The Mathew Lab welcomes Dr. Biaoxin Chai MS, PhD to our team. Dr. Chai is an experienced researcher with extensive training in biochemistry, pharmacokinetics, clinical research design, and statistical analysis.

We wish Vetalise and his family luck as he moves on to start Pharmacy School this fall. We thank him for his hard work and dedication for the last three years!

Aug 2020

  • The Mathew lab recovers from COVID-related interruptions and is back to modified operations with face masks, social distancing and new guidelines from the Office of Research.

  • We welcome Trista Benitez-University of Michigan Medical student '23 to the Mathew lab as part of the The University of Michigan Kidney Translational Core Center Medical Student Training Program in Kidney Disease (MKTCC-MSTP-KD).

Feb 2020

  • Our work 'Tryptophan Levels Associate with Incident Cardiovascular Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease' is accepted in to the Clinical Kidney Journal.

Tryptophan levels associate with incident cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease

Vetalise C Konje, Thekkelnaycke M Rajendiran, Keith Bellovich, Crystal A Gadegbeku, Debbie S Gipson, Farsad Afshinnia, Anna V Mathew, Michigan Kidney Translational Core CPROBE Investigator Group

Clinical Kidney Journal, sfaa031,

Published: 12 April 2020

  • Dr. Mathew is awarded the American Society of Clinical Investigation's 2020 Young Physician-Scientist Award.

  • Dr. Mathew is awarded the K award Grant at the Midwest Clinical and Translational Research Meeting at Chicago.


Summer 2019

Aug 2019- The Mathew Lab gathers for an end of summer lunch - Thank you all for your hard work!!

  • July 2019-Our manuscript titled "Impaired Amino acid and TCA Metabolism and Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy Progression in Type 1 Diabetes" was accepted in to Diabetes.

  • Julia Petroff presented her work at the 36th annual Diebold Symposium in May 2019 at Kalamazoo College.

  • Kiana Sadri receives honorable mention for her poster presentation in 2019 Michigan Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • UROP students -Elizabeth VanDerWoude, Matt Fate and Anoushkha Gulati receive Blue ribbons for the presentation in the UROP Spring Research Symposium 2019


Abdhisalem Ahmed presented in the UROP summer symposium 2018.

Kiana Sadri and Sherwin Ali presented at the 2018 UROP spring symposium


Farhan Ali receives the Michigan Kidney Translational Core Center Student Training Program in Kidney Disease grant in 2017 and presents in the UM Summer Biomedical Research Program Research Symposium in November 2017

Joyce Yu presented at the 2017 UROP spring symposium